I'm experimenting to find what I love doing and to develop my ideas and imagination. What I have learned is that the stone itself is the heart and soul of what I make, be it rockery stones from garden centres or blocks from quarries or suppliers. Its hardness, colour, texture and imperfections dictate a lot of the creative process either as a block I impart my ideas upon or a unique stone that guides my ideas. I often get lost for hours in the rhythms and the feeling of unity between the mind, my hands and the material.

So far my work is tending to gravitate towards two main themes, faces and forms. There is something magical when a face starts to emerge from a piece of stone and its features, expression and mood take shape and develop over time with each carving action. I like to take inspiration from natural shapes (shells, flames, fish, mammals, flowers) and the action of natural processes such as erosion and develop ideas and forms that have balance, simplicity and elegance.