Please explore my collection of sculptures, photos, drawings and paintings.

The sculptures are mostly in marble with a few in Maltese limestone. Ive been massively influenced by Emily Young and Barbara Hepworth and in particular Emily's Angel and Archangel works and Barbara her representation of nature through simple forms. As I produce new works Im starting to better understand how to control the materials and capture the human form. The works are produced directly in the stone and directed by the nature of the starting material which are mainly marble rockery stones. The works in wood are a mixture of olive, eucalyptus and fruit wood.

The photos are a broad collection of images ranging from urban scenes and street photography to portraiture, landscapes and the natural world. The urban images are the most recent and have been influenced by photographers such as Joel Meyerowitz, Stephen Shore, William Eggleston and Peter Fraser. The other pictures have been taken over several years and show an evolution of interest from traditional landscapes and trees and plants to more unorthodox pictures of people, places and stuff.

The drawings and paintings are works produced many years ago.

I hope these works invoke a reaction in you.