Please explore my collection of sculptures, photos, drawings and paintings going back to my school days.

Ive taken to stone carving in the last few years, becoming a self-employed sculptor in October 2020. The sculptures are mostly in marble, alabaster and Maltese limestone, with some works in plaster. The stone itself is the heart and soul of what I make, be it rockery stones from garden centres or blocks from quarries or suppliers. Its hardness, colour, texture and imperfections dictate a lot of the creative process either as a block I impart my ideas upon or a unique stone that guides my ideas. So far my work is tending to gravitate towards two main themes, faces and forms. There is something magical when a face starts to emerge from a piece of stone and its features, expression and mood take shape and develop over time with each carving action. I like to take inspiration from natural shapes (shells, flames, fish, mammals, flowers) and the action of natural processes such as erosion and develop ideas and forms that have balance, simplicity and elegance. The works in wood are a mixture of olive, eucalyptus and fruit wood.

The photos are a broad collection of images ranging from urban scenes and street photography to portraiture, landscapes and the natural world. The urban images are the most recent and have been influenced by photographers such as Joel Meyerowitz, Stephen Shore, William Eggleston and Peter Fraser. The other pictures have been taken over several years and show an evolution of interest from traditional landscapes and trees and plants to more unorthodox pictures of people, places and stuff.

The drawings and paintings are works produced many years ago.

I hope these works invoke a reaction in you.